Love Ever After
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Perfect Engagement Photos


The pressure of choosing the perfect outfit can sometimes lead to less than perfect choices. Tania and Sean use their years of experience to guide you through selecting the ideal wardrobe, resulting in authentic photos that put the focus on your love and your connection.

LEAP_What to Wear Guide 2018_updated.jpg


This guide will take the stress out of deciding what to wear. It walks you through why having options is a good thing, why all patterns are not created equally and how the partnership with your photographer (and doing a little homework) can take your session from good to freakin’ amazing!


tania + sean

We shoot with your storybook in mind and design each one individually. It's special. It's uniquely yours. It's a beautiful lay-flat book with thick pages that weave together your 50 favourite photographs with all the moments we include to tell the entire story of your day. A keepsake of your first adventure as a married couple that you will look at again and again.

We 100% promise to make this experience fun and special from start to finish. You won’t even notice the camera + all you’ll be thinking is how grateful you are for the freakin' amazing person you’re about to marry.