Love Ever After

Bluffs Site Check

Scarborough Bluffs Site Check

Hi guys, our photo shoot is planned for tomorrow, Saturday, Jan 14th at 2:30pm. Street parking available at the corner of Scarboro Crescent and Drake Crecent, Scarborough. We checked out the Scarborough Bluffs Park and sadly, all the snow has disappeared (this area would be gorge with a light sprinkling of snow) however, we still see a lot of beauty in the warm coloured grasses and dark tree silhouettes.

It was quite muddy with large icy patches along some of the pathways during our site check. The temps have dropped considerably since yesterday and are supposed to stay colder through tomorrow so we are hoping that some of the mud dries up but warm feet are key when selecting footwear. It might be worth wearing outer clothes that can handle slogging through some potentially muddy fields, slippery ground and climbing over a waist high fence. (They have recently put up a new protective wire fence across the area we want to access so to get the shots below with the water views, we have to climb up and over that barrier.)

With this winter appearing like autumn, we think it's the perfect back-drop for snuggling up together inside a blanket as you watch the birds fly over the rippling lake. For all props and yourselves, please stay away from black, brown our any dark colours that would have the two of you blend into these backdrops. Brighter colours are what we're looking for... patterns/plaid are good, if your outdoor wardrobe consists only of dark colours, wear layers with brighter colours underneath. Pack colourful scarves/hats/mittens. We may remove any dark coats, revealing a coloured sweater/shirt underneath, for the shot. We want you two to pop out of these photos. As for props, please bring with you your sign, a couple of colourful/cute coffee mugs - if you drink coffee -, a bright/colourful blanket to stand and snuggle in, wardrobe change of multiple coats/shirts - if desired, boots - one pair to walk through the mud in and another to be photographed in.

Best colours against these neutral backdrops: yellow, pink, orange, blue and green - nothing dark, beige.

Please do let us know if this looks good to you and confirm we are a go for tomorrow afternoon. Shoot could run as late as 4, if there is sun, we might try chasing some of that golden hour light. Please don't hesitate to text us with any questions. 647-272-9361416-898-2502