Love Ever After


Love Ever After Photography is a fine art and design oriented studio ready to capture those special moments in your life. 

Love Ever After was started by Sean Howard and Tania Fitzpatrick to unite their diverse but complimentary skills and approaches. 

Sean and Tania are available for weddings, engagements, family portrait sessions, pet sessions and more. If you desire to capture the love in your life, you've found your partners.

Sean Howard

Sean is a fine art photographer, podcaster and author. He uses words to enlighten and inform but captures pure emotion and unique moments with his camera. Sean lives his life with purpose and surrounded by all that he loves. Enamoured by nature, spontaneity, button down shirts and furry, four-legged friends who bark, Sean is that person you meet for the first time but feel like you've known forever. Also... make him laugh, you won't regret it.

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Tania Fitzpatrick

Tania is a photographer, graphic designer and avid tea drinker. Her sentimental love of vintage colour palettes, typography and once-loved-now-abandoned spaces only strengthens the heart and soul of Love Ever After. She loves love, traveling, her rubber boots, cycling by the lake, baking a still-soft-in-the-middle chocolate chip cookie and although Parenthood is now off the air, will forever be part of Team Braverman.

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